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We’re on a mission to make people love South Carolina as much as we do.

Can you blame us? South Carolina offers new adventures for the all travel seekers. If you’re looking for a weekend destination to shop locally while exploring new trails and restaurants without having to leave the state; we know where you should go. Our programs help make the most out of your trip. Residents start to feel like they’re tourist again, and tourists consider becoming residents.

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SC Trail Towns Program

Coming Summer 2023, the South Carolina Trail Towns Program is designed to incorporate outdoor recreation into everyday lives of locals and visitors. By highlighting local amenities and outlining what to expect, each of these registered destinations are perfect for experts and beginners alike!

The Southern Edge Magazine

The Southern Edge Magazine is a way to celebrate the people and the places of what we like to call a “New South.” Each subscription allows readers to learn more about South Carolina’s rich traditions. We believe local is better. Profits from your subscription go towards helping the conversation and preservation of all our programs. Not only does it keep you informed on hidden attractions and history of our state, but it makes a great gift.

Paddle SC

Paddle SC connects paddle recreation adventurers through an online community. From providing a vast supply of documented waterways to reading about others’ experiences after; having an online network showcases the beautiful landscape of South Carolina while shining light on some of our hidden gems of the state.

South Carolina Seven (SC7)

South Carolina Seven (SC7) welcomes hikers of all levels to tour the great state of South Carolina. Participants can spend up to 30 days exploring the 7 wonders of the state while listening to educational stories that further encourage locals to protect South Carolina’s rich history and natural resources. We would love to see you join us on the trails every July.

The Carolina Barbados Connection Project

For those history buffs looking to better understand the relationship between South Carolina and the Barbados; The Carolina Barbados Connection Project’s mission is just that — to raise awareness of the historic connection that binds our state to Barbados. Through special events, programs and tourism promotion, we continue to promote the relationship which results in increased tourism for both parties.

Are you ready to learn more about getting involved with our programs?